Welcome to Crystal Vision Healing!

We have entered a new time and place in our evolution as spiritual beings. The old ways of being are not working the same as they once did. Most believe that it is outside things, circumstances and relationships which determine our sense of happiness and fulfillment. The deep lasting peace we seek only comes from connecting to something more infinite and far reaching than our earthly existence. This connection allows us to view life from a whole new perspective; where other’s actions and outside circumstances can’t pull us off our center, and we have the power and freedom to choose how we want to feel and live the life we desire.

My approach to enlightenment, self-growth and healing are based on a combination of Eastern and Western philosophy and healing modalities. I offer a wide variety of in depth and transformative processes that promote balance within the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy systems. My role as a Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Counselor is to help you reconnect to your true Spiritual essence. This connection holds the key to your inner resources of compassion, strength, wisdom and love so you can create the wonderful life you deserve. The techniques and processes I use are always gentle and loving, with your highest interest at heart. Everyone is unique and sessions will be tailored to your individual needs, circumstances and life experiences. I welcome and look forward to helping anyone who wishes to bring more peace, vitality, abundance, harmony and love in their lives.

Please visit my website at www.crystalvisionhealing.com for more details or call me at 704-799-2186

I look forward to seeing you!

In Light & Love, Rev. Carolyn A Underwood