"Do All Things In-Vesica."

 Rainbow Bridge by Allison L. Williams Hill

Entura art can serve to inform; reveal, and encourage yourself and others.

The following came through Raphael during a personal session about my purpose in this life and, I am sure, it applies to everyone.

Become the Light Worker you were born to be.
I AM defined by the Light.
I AM the Light Worker and the Way.

Surrender to the Divine.
Rise up and unite with God.

Bring God into you to merge with what was limited to facilitate healing.

I AM the Resurrection of All Life.
I AM the Celebration of All Love.

Be what you are.
Be that of what you are.
Be the Divine Essence.
Walk the Earth as God.
Walk the Earth as Goddess.
Walk the Earth as Spirit.

The Mission:
Become the complete alignment of Divinity in the human body.

I create Entura portraits, birthday cards, and will

post art classes on the east coast soon.

Allison L. Williams Hill

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