For over 30 years Delphi has been a Beacon of Light to those in search of greater truth, harmony, and enlightenment. In the tradition of the Ancient Mystery Schools, Delphi is a renowned international school of healing, esoteric studies and metaphysics. Equally important, Delphi is also a spiritual retreat, a unique and magical place of self improvement, spiritual growth and personal transformation. Founded by Patricia Hayes in 1974, Delphi is the place for those seeking to discover, develop, use, enhance, and refine their spiritual gifts and abilities, as well as to grow , transform, and heal themselves. Our unique and exceptional staff of instructors has come together with one purpose, to help and guide others who are searching for greater love, greater light, and greater meaning in their lives. Delphi is proud to present these Associations of Professionals from around the world trained in the disciplines of spiritual and emotional healing and currently practicing in their chosen field.

Delphi University RoHun Professional's Association

Delphi University Healing Worker's Association

Delphi University Entura Artist's Association

Association of RoHun™ Therapists, Masters & Doctors of RoHun Transpersonal Therapy. Experience Rapid Transformation through RoHun. Contact a RoHun Healer Today! Holistic Healing professionals are spiritual healers skilled in Complementary, Alternative, and Energy Healing Therapies. Find a Holistic Energy healing Professional near you. Entura Art professionals are spiritual healers skilled in using intuitive art across a variety of Complementary, Alternative, and Energy Healing Therapies